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On January 29, 2017, at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines, the 65th Miss Universe Pageant will air around the world for millions to watch. As the official haircare sponsor for the past 12 years, Farouk Systems has supported the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen Pageants with looks that capture the crown.


For a sneak-peek into the styles and trends each contestant is hoping to achieve for this Sunday’s live show, Farouk Systems’ Global Artist and lead stylist for the pageants, Tammy Mixon offers a glimpse into the future.

According to Tammy Mixon, “Those tuning into the live telecast will see this years’ contestants wearing more natural looks. This includes soft curls and waves. For the evening gown segment, many are opting for simple or loosely textured up-do’s. You will also see those with naturally textured hair, showing it off.”


During the preliminaries, the Farouk Systems Styling Teams’ go to products were the CHI Styling Creme Gel cocktailed with CHI Silk Infusion for a lighter hold. The sets consisted of looser more natural looking curls and waves achieved with the 1 ¼” Dura CHI Curling Iron along with CHI Magnified Volume Spray to set with.

To finish, CHI Shine Infusion was sprayed to add that extra touch of sparkle. “Due to the humidity in the Philippines, these CHI products helped to maintain their styles for the entire day”, said Tammy Mixon.