The Miss Universe Organization (MUO) has challenged Farouk Systems to participate in a humanitarian effort to help pilot their #beMOREthanPRETTYcampaign. The campaign supports and draws attention to philanthropic efforts and encourages sponsors and participants to support a charity for the purpose of presenting young women with knowledge, interests and circumstances to the world.

For Farouk’s nomination, they chose to reach out to Lil’ Audrey’s Safe Place Foundation House, an organization that assists aged-out foster youth and provides them with homeschooling and transportation for those still in high school. Post high school, they assist with registering for college and working to help foster youth succeed in some form of post-secondary education. Lil’ Audrey’s House provides meals, housing, job training and placement, drug counseling, budgeting and saving plans. They also work to help rescue youths from prostitution and work to place them in safe unknown homes until re-entry.

Farouk team members say they were overjoyed to bring these young ladies CHI and BioSilk products and to see their excited faces upon receiving these gifts. Through continuing the empowerment of this campaign and its means, Farouk encourages all interested persons to share their joy of working to promote local charities and also to join them in Miss Universe’s #beMOREthanPRETTY Challenge!

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