Resonance by Farouk Systems

Launched during Farouk System’s 2015 Cancun Conference, theResonance Collection is the merging of differences to create harmony and balance—a natural frequency of vibration, where spirit and style meet and come alive. Characterized by smooth surfaces, high-gloss shine, graduated texture and soft form lines, Resonance combines innovation, technology and artistry to create a “vibration” of color.

Who Did It: Patrick Kalle, Global Artistic Director Maurice den Exter, Creative Design Director Richard Jordan, Color Director

BehindTheChair_ResonaceCollection1 BehindTheChair_ResonaceCollection2 BehindTheChair_ResonaceCollection3 BehindTheChair_ResonaceCollection4 BehindTheChair_ResonaceCollection5 BehindTheChair_ResonaceCollection6 BehindTheChair_ResonaceCollection7 BehindTheChair_ResonaceCollection8