PLL Behind The Scenes Makeup

Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell)


While the rest of her squad has grown and changed for the better, poor Emily is stuck in a rut. “She’s had the hardest time,” explained Ferry. “She’s the most tormented by things that have gone on in her life. She’s gone through a lot and her father’s passed away. She wouldn’t be changing and worrying about her hair.” Plus, actress and social media superstar Shay Mitchell “loves her hair how it is.” So that works out.

But she still goes through the same amount of damaging heat styling and moisture-sapping time under lights on the show. So Ferry sends Mitchell and the girls all home with Chi Argan Oil Plus Moringa Oil shampoo, conditioner, and rejuvenating masks.

At first, Miguens wanted to explore the darker side of Emily’s point in life. “We wanted to do a lot more with tattoos and things, but we stayed on the safer route,” the makeup artist said. So no tats, but still lots of signature Shay Mitchell-contour. “Shay is all about contour,” said Miguens. Jouer Mineral Powder Bronzer in Sunshine on Emily’s cheeks added to her bartending-in-SoCal vibe.

And in Shay-Mitchell-is-naturally-blessed news: Emily doesn’t really ever wear lipstick. “Shay’s lips are always herself,” Miguens said. “Honestly, we just apply just a honey lip balm. She’s got these beautiful lips that are a natural ombré with natural shading. That’s it. It’s crazy.”