Farouk Global Board Artists

Patrick Kalle

Artistic Director

A Netherlands native and third-generation hairdresser, Patrick Kalle began his career at the young age of 11 years old. Since 1991, Patrick has dedicated his career to training and motivating educators and artists across the globe. Kalle joined the Farouk Systems team in 2004 and has brought innovation and fashion-forward creativity to the company over the past decade. In 2014, Kalle was announced as Global Artistic Director. A typical day for Kalle may involve directing a trend collection, traveling the globe to educate artists, or taking the stage at a major hair show. In The Netherlands, Kalle owns two salons under the name Dutch Hair and still works two days a week in the salon to serve his clients. Kalle’s mission of inspiring and motivating hairdressers around the world is ongoing and ever-evolving.

Anna Cantu

Creative Color Artist

Farouk Systems Global Board Artist Anna Cantu defies the ordinary every time she styles hair. Cantu captivates audiences when she takes the stage and presents her high-energy and innovative styling masterpieces. The stage serves as her platform for educating and inspiring up-and-coming hairdressers. Cantu also represents Farouk Systems at several high-profile events, including the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants as well as the Latin Grammys. Her talents extend beyond styling hair; Cantu has appeared as an on-air spokesperson numerous times on behalf of Farouk Systems. Some of her notable accolades include being named by Farouk Systems as the “2008 Top Educator of the Year” and “2010 Colorist of the Year.” When Cantu is not busy rocking the stage at hair shows or styling pageant queens, she runs The Color Studio, a CHI concept salon in League City, Texas.

Rocky Vitelli

Editorial Stylist

With more than 25 years of experience, Toronto-based Rocky Vitelli serves as a trailblazer for innovation in the professional beauty industry. Inspired by fashion, he believes that hair has a direct influence on the success of an overall look. Vitelli is known for creating haute couture hair onstage that can be easily translated into edgy off-therunway looks. As a Farouk Systems Global Board Artist and international educator, Vitelli produces progressive haircuts that are often used for trend collections and in editorial pieces. Some of his accolades include being awarded Canadian Hairstylist of the Year four times and styling for numerous high-profile events. Vitelli can be found styling at New York and Toronto Fashion Week as well as the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. More recently, Vitelli made a guest appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice as a CHI Artist. Back in Toronto, Vitelli spends his days bringing worldwide fashion to his clientele

Tammy Mixon

Celebrity Stylist

Celebrity stylist, make-up artist and educator Tammy Mixon is the master of makeovers. Mixon’s inventive styling and coloring skills combined with her unique talent of enhancing an individual’s features to create a fashionforward look has served as the catalyst for her success. A Farouk Systems Global Artist and stylist at the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen Pageants for the past decade, Mixon is truly at the top of her game. Her ability to create versatile styles and transform fresh and fun day looks into nighttime glamour make her a highly requested professional. When Mixon is not busy styling at red carpet events, runway shows, or high-fashion photo shoots with Fadil Berisha, she refines her craft behind the chair in Norman, Oklahoma

Richard Jordan

Color Director

Farouk Systems Color Director and Coiffure Award recipient Richard Jordan is a Netherlands born hairdresser with the ability to craft hair masterpieces. Each year, Jordan contributes to the creation and implementation of the Dutch trend collection for 22,500 Netherland-based salons. His gift of recognizing up-and-coming trends and transforming visions into artistic realities make him an industry innovator and trend collection genius. A regularly featured hair artist in high-fashion editorial pieces and at international shows, Jordan manages to elevate the art in every aspect of his professional journey. A firm believer in education, Richard holds workshops throughout Europe, sharing his knowledge and creative vision with fellow hairdressers.

Maurice Den Exter

Creative Design Director

Award-winning international artist Maurice den Exter is fuelled by opportunities that allow him to share his passion and creativity for hairdressing. His ability to transform everyday hair into cutting-edge styles and make bold color statements have given him a reputation as a trendsetter. His distinct style has earned him 61 award nominations over the past 12 years and has allowed him to share his technique abroad. His winnings include numerous Dutch Hairdressing Awards as well as the 2009 and 2011 L’Oréal Professional Colour Trophy Award. As the Farouk Systems Creative Design Director, Den Exter is a key player within the Global Board and brings his trendsetting reputation, traveling around the globe educating and empowering hair professionals. In his home country of the Netherlands, Den Exter is the owner of five beautiful salons.

George Cooper

Texture Specialist

As a Farouk Systems Global Board Artist and master on-stage performer, George Cooper inspires others to believe in limitless potential. Known for captivating audiences with high energy presentations, he has presented techniques on both national and international stages and educated numerous industry professionals. Cooper’s stylized cutting techniques combine innovation and culture, through his unique ability to channel the King of Pop. Cooper joined the Farouk Systems’ team more than a decade ago and has since mastered all hair textures as well as color, texture services and fantasy hair. His creativity and diverse skills provide him with the opportunity to conduct educational courses, style for red carpet events and participate in editorial shoots. Day to day, Cooper continues to fine-tune his craft behind the chair in his home state of Georgia. His motto, “Stay focused, think positive and keep the faith” is the cornerstone to his continued success.

Leonel Rodriguez

Global Style

Visionary hair artist Leonel Rodriguez generates looks that define elegance and shatter boundaries. Famed for creating high-impact color statements and stunning up-styles, his creations are anything but ordinary and present a theme of undeniable style. As a Farouk Systems Global Board Artist, Rodriguez actively participates in the development and design of new collections and global trends including the Exposed and Allure collections. Rodriguez’s work has been captured by top beauty photographers including Sergio Castro, Fadil Berisha and Babak. As a result, his work has been displayed in prestigious industry publications including Estética, Modern Salon and Behind the Chair to name a few. Using hair as his canvas to create wearable art, Rodriguez puts his masterpieces on display at red carpet events and when styling for the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants. In his home province of Chihuahua, Mexico, Rodriguez manages his own salon and is involved in various television programs and fashion events.


Robert Diaz

Barber Ambassador US

Meet Rob, the newest member of the Esquire Grooming Team! He’s a barber, shop owner, and professional educator from Houston, Texas, who took a part-time hobby and created a full-time passion! As he shares his wisdom with new students as well as the industry’s elite barbers and stylists, his unique way of communicating the language of barbering will fuel you. His never-ending pursuit for advancement has helped Rob achieve his personal goal of becoming an outstanding and talented educator all over the U.S. Currently, Rob serves as a member of the Farouk Systems Creative Artistic Barber Team while also managing his own 10-member salon team in North Houston. Rob’s successful salon creates a need and desire to teach others how to increase salon profits while incorporating the latest trends in barbering, catapulting you to next level!

Joost Mulleman

Barber Ambassador Europe

Joost started cutting hair when he was only 14. After school he was cutting his little brother’s hair, as well as his class mates and his soccer team. When he turned 16 he went to a Cosmetology school to become a hairdresser. Joost learned his trade the old fashion way during an internship at a Barber shop in Gouda, which operated this way for generations. When Joost turned 18 he participated in The Hair Fashion Awards Competition, placing third for new coming talent, naturally with a men’s cut. Joost made a documentary for ‘Coiffure Magazine’ to prove that if you are a good Stylist you can travel the world with only comb and shears. His travels took him through Asia and Australia, sharing his knowledge there. When Joost returned to The Netherlands, he focused on advancing his skills as a Stylist and Barber, and was nominated for a Coiffure Award in the process. To become a ‘Master’ Barber he received his education all over the world. But the best training he ever received was from a 72 year old Barber who worked since he was 15.

Tommy & Marco

Tommy & Marco have hair in their blood. As third-generation hairdressers, they have been impressing the industry for over 40 years. This dynamic team has been together for over 32 years, creating innovative work that’s been featured in multiple magazines and online publications. Bringing free-form design and the traveling textured cut to the forefront, these international platform artists have wowed many during educational events and onstage performances. Bring them both or one at a time; they will take your students to a new level of performance.