Executive Team

Rami Shami

Farouk Systems CEO

In 2016, Dr. Farouk Shami appointed his eldest son, Rami Shami, as the CEO of Farouk Systems Inc. Rami has spent numerous years managing the company along with his father while improving the national and international aspects of the company. He has spent most of his business career fine-tuning the operations and production of the CHI® and BioSilk® brands to achieve maximum efficiency in supplying the markets. Rami is also responsible for the expansion and opening of multiple manufacturing sites, such as the Farouk bottling manufacturing plant. His business sense has streamlined and improved every avenue of manufacturing, all while cutting company costs and keeping inventory at optimal levels.

In addition to operating the manufacturing and production of the CHI® and BioSilk® brands, Rami has been instrumental in planning successful shows and educational events across the Middle East as well as in the United States. His understanding of the industry has provided superior educational tactics aimed to groom hairdressers into becoming their own success story. This has been the foundation of Farouk Systems since its inception, and Rami shares his father’s passion of Environment, Education, and Innovation.

“I have spent 30 years in the professional salon industry watching my father’s goals and accomplishments come to life. It will be an honor to continue this legacy that he has laid out while also having the opportunity to serve and improve this great industry.”

-Rami Shami

Farouk R. Shami II

Director of Operations

Farouk R. Shami II, the next generation of the family business, began his involvement with Farouk Systems, Inc. as a child, when he would attend hair shows with his family to pass out samples of Silk Therapy and Silk Infusion. He officially joined the Farouk Systems team in 2009 and has spent time in each department since then. He began in the customer service department, understanding customer preferences, before moving on to be a part of the accounts payable team in the accounting department. Farouk then worked in the laboratory, where he formulated shampoos, conditioners, and silk. During this time, he was mentored by Dr. Farouk M. Shami and Rami Shami, his grandfather and father. Farouk eventually made his move to the operations department where he currently interfaces with the purchasing, accounting, marketing, and maintenance departments.


Lisa Marie Garcia

President of Innovation

Lisa Marie joined Farouk Systems 30 years ago when the company first started. She was a salon owner and colorist in Austin, Texas who wanted to share her knowledge with her fellow hairdressers. After passing the training course, Lisa began as a local educator in Texas which progressed to her teaching on the National and International levels. Her deep passion and love for education led to her becoming a Guest Artist. It was here that the stage opened up a whole new world as well as the ability to be creative bringing new concepts and techniques to audiences around the world. After witnessing not only her talents on stage but her ability to organize, create new trends and mentor other artists, Farouk Systems promoted her to Director of Shows and Education and then to Vice President of Shows, Education and Marketing. Today, Lisa holds the prominent title of President of Innovation.

Scott Emery

President of International Sales

As President of International Sales, Scott leads the company’s international sales initiatives and is responsible for the creation and expansion of global partnerships. He joined the Farouk team over two decades ago as a west coast district manager and has served as regional director and national sales manager. In 2009, Scott was appointed Senior Vice President of International Sales and has since accelerated the company’s revenue growth and increased brand equity on a global scale.

Scott also plays a significant role in the development of the overall corporate culture, as a staple motivational speaker at company events, he evokes a sense of pride and determination in all Farouk employees, customers and business associates. An educator by degree, Scott is dedicated to serving Farouk’s mission to create a safe work environment for hairdressers around the world by offering superior products with valuable technical training. His sales strategy is based on helping hairdressers get what they want and what they need to safely and successfully build their businesses.

“Selling on principle is the key here at Farouk Systems, we believe effective need assessment is the most critical phase of the selling process.”

-Scott Emery

Stuart Feldshon

President of North American Sales

Stuart Feldshon, President of North American Sales, came to Farouk Systems in 1998 as the Northeast Regional Manager. With over 35 years of experience in the Beauty Industry he never stops learning. “With the ever changing technology and more sales tools available, you can always find creative ways to be of better service to your customers. The one constant has always been the talents and integrity of the Hairdresser. Which is never more evident in our founder, Farouk Shami. It has been and is an honor to be associated with such a dynamic company within this great industry.”