Thinking about mixing it up and straightening those curls? Change is good but you’ll want to play it safe as too much heat will damage your curl pattern and leave those dreaded and random straight strands all over your head. Even if you’re a seasoned straight natural who gets regularly blow outs, you may want to try different heat protectants as our hair tends to get used to the same products and thus the product becomes less effective. Here are five of the best heat protectants for curly hair and why you should use them.


Products known as heat protectants contain a chemical known as silicone. Silcones create a barrier between your hair’s cuticle layer and the heat you apply to it. Most heat protectants are best added to the hair when it’s still wet as they are great emollients and bind with water very well. Silicones can also withstand very high temperatures due to their ability to remain strong and flexible under intense heat.

Two common silicones found in heat protectants include Cyclomethicone (easily absorbed by the hair shaft) and Dimethicone (great for providing shine and smoothing down hair). The products we recommend contain either one or both of these types of silicones.


Many of you may be concerned about the use of silicones as they’ve gotten a bad rep in the natural hair community. Many hair and beauty products contain silicone but as cosmetic chemist Gavanne Davis explains, “Silicones offer great shine, slip, and impart a soft silky feel on the skin and hair. This is why your hair still feels soft after you rinse your deep conditioner out.”

Both the silicones Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone are FDA approved and can be used in products for use on the skin and hair. Doctors, practitioners, hospitals, and pharmacists use silicone based topical medicines, because it has extremely low allergen occurrences. Meaning silicone can be used on open wounds and scars, without concern of irritation.


curls-understood-straighten-curly-hair-chi-silk-infusionChi Silk Infusion

CHI 44 Ceramic thermal styling helps strengthen and protect the hair from daily use of thermal tools.

Positively charged silk molecules interlock into hair’s natural structure to build strength and resilience and to improve moisture and shine. Protects the hair against thermal styling and the environment.

Great for thick and/or wavy or curly hair.