Chi Escape Cordless Hair Styling Iron

Chi Escape Cordless Hair Styling Iron $109

Carry your personal stylist in the car, at the airport, or to your hotel room. This exceptionally light, grab-and-go iron lets you smooth, curl or touch-up strands anywhere you want it. With dual voltage and intelligent heat settings, the iron does not need to be charged for days. It comes with a thermal pouch, wall and car chargers.

Whether you’re the type who likes to pack up and go, or the type who spends months planning the perfect vacation well in advance, you can always benefit from some travel advice. And we’re not just talking about packing tips — although we have some of those too.

In the infographic below by Business Insider, we discover 27 hacks that will change the way you travel from here on out. From getting paid to delay a flight to picking the right type of carry-on and avoiding extra-baggage fees to clearing your search history to save you some cash when booking fares — even experienced travelers can learn a thing or two from this handy chart.