Features Rocky Vitelli for Farouk – the Electrify Collection 2015

29 Jun Features Rocky Vitelli for Farouk – the Electrify Collection 2015

Rocky Vitelli for Farouk presents the Electrify Collection 2015.

Blonde& red tones, with balayage tips and high shine modern hairstyles which were inspired by fitness savvy and trend setting women.

Jake Unger, newcomer of the year 2014 finalist & senior Educator for Hobs salon presents his latest collection of beautiful hairstyle inspired by the late 70’s underground club scene.

Styles provided by Farouk, HOB Salons (17 June 2015)

RobertVitelli-UKhairdressers2 RobertVitelli-ukhairdressers9 RobertVitelli-ukhairdressers8 RobertVitelli-ukhairdressers7

RobertVitelli-UKhairdressers6 RobertVitelli-UKhairdressers5 RobertVitelli-UKhairdressers4 RobertVitelli-UKhairdressers3

RobertVitelli-ukhairdressers10 RobertVitelli-ukhairdressers11 RobertVitelli-ukhairdressers12 RobertVitelli-ukhairdressers13

RobertVitelli-ukhairdressers14 RobertVitelli-ukhairdressers15 RobertVitelli-ukhairdressers16 RobertVitelli-ukhairdressers17

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