Farouk Systems Introduces New DURA CHI Professional Tools

(HOUSTON, TX) January 31, 2014 -- Farouk Systems, Inc. introduces the DURA CHI Professional line of innovative styling tools, available exclusively to professionals.  DURA CHI Professional Tools are precision-engineered with breakthrough technology using the highest quality materials to surpass the expectations of the most advanced stylists. 

The line consists of manganese steel clippers (available now), blow dryer enhanced with a powerful AC motor and Rapid Clean TechnologyTM (February 2014 release), and titanium-infused ceramic curling irons available in three sizes (March 2014 release). Each tool offers superior power, optimum performance and unsurpassed durability, setting a new industry standard in the professional styling world.


“The DURA CHI line is comprised of three tools that introduce unique, groundbreaking technologies that aim to maximize durability, increase power and raise the standard for precision styling capabilities for professionals.  We are excited to once again provide the industry with an exclusive line of professional tools,” said Basim Shami, CEO of Farouk Systems, Inc.  

This line will be sold exclusively by authorized professional distributors and retailed only by professional salons and loxabeauty.com. 

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DURA CHI Professional Line At A Glance

DURA CHI Professional Clipper

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The DURA CHI Professional Clipper is the first clipper equipped with adjustable manganese steel blades to hit the market.  Manganese increases the performance of steel blades, providing the requisite strength and durability needed for frequent in-salon use.  Manganese further enhances steel by prolonging the lifespan of the blades with anti-rust and corrosion properties.

The 15-watt motor offers noise reduction and increased cutting speed.  Its vibration absorbing and temperature reducing protective soft touch heat shield provides the ultimate precision styling and designing capabilities for the most advanced professional.

 The DURA CHI Professional Clipper is available now from authorized professional distributors for $79.98.

Key Features:

·         Adjustable manganese steel blades

·         Fast cutting speed

·         High quality blade assembly

·         Protective soft touch heat shield

·         2 Year limited warranty

 Available colors:

·         Red

·         Black


·         6 blade guards

·         Blade cover

·         Clipper oil

·         Clipper brush


DURA CHI Professional Dryer

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The DURA CHI Professional Dryer is enhanced with the proprietary, breakthrough Rapid Clean TechnologyTM, a bacteria reduction system powered by blue LED lights that provide antimicrobial properties upon illumination.  This advanced technology reduces bacteria and other debris that build up inside the dryer over time to ensure optimal air quality and prolong the lifespan of the tool.

Equipped with a powerful, long-lasting AC motor delivering 1875 watts of unbeatable power, this dryer offers optimum styling capabilities with rapid results.  The ceramic heater provides even heat distribution and emits natural ions to seal moisture into the cuticle for a frizz-free, shiny finish.  

The lightweight design features a soft touch finish with a non-slip grip for maximum comfort, control and ease of use.  This dryer features three speeds and three temperature settings for styling versatility and a cool-shot button for style retention. 

The DURA CHI Professional Dryer is available this February at authorized professional distributors for $134.98 and will be exclusively retailed by professional salons and loxabeauty.com.  MSRP $175.50.


Key Features:

·         AC motor

·         1875 watts

·         6 blue LED lights

·         Removable filter

·         Ceramic heater

·         Automatic ion generator

·         3 speeds settings

·         3 heat settings

·         Cool-shot button

·         2 year limited warranty


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DURA CHI Professional Curling Irons

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DURA CHI Professional Curling Irons are the first professional grade hairstyling tools designed with titanium-infused ceramic providing optimum strength, durability and performance. 

Ceramic naturally emits negative ions and far infrared heat to neutralize the positive ions produced when damaged hair is exposed to chemicals, metal heating tools and static electricity. This reaction seals the moisture into the hair follicles creating healthy, touchable curls that last all day. 

The ceramic barrel is further enhanced with titanium, a low-density, high strength, lustrous metal for a lightweight, long lasting tool that’s perfect for high-speed styling.  The crushed titanium is infused into the ceramic through a three part coating process, providing an extremely smooth surface allowing the iron to glide effortlessly through hair. 

The curling irons are equipped with powerful ceramic heaters which provide even heat distribution with a quick heat up time.  The LCD digital screen displays the customizable temperature up to 410°F.  The lightweight design features a slim handle with a soft touch, non-slip grip and cool tip to maximize ease of use. 

 The DURA CHI Professional Curling Irons is available March 2014 at authorized professional distributors for $89.98 and will be exclusively retailed by professional salons and loxabeauty.com.  MSRP $152.96. 


Available sizes:

·         3/4” barrel creates tight, defined curls

·         1” barrel creates bouncy, natural curls

·         1 ¼ “ barrel creates loose curls and tousled waves


Key Features:

·         Titanium-infused ceramic barrel

·         Ceramic heater

·         Max temperature of 410°F

·         Digital temperature display with LCD screen

·         Slim handle design with soft touch non-slip grip

·         Soft touch cool tip

·         Extended clip

·         11 ft. swivel cord

·         2 year limited warrant


Watch DURA CHI Curling Iron Videos Here:

DURA CHI Big Curls

DURA CHI Curls for Short Hair

DURA CHI Tight & Tousled Curls


DURA CHI Collection At A Glance

Hair by: Farouk Systems Creative Director Patrick Kalle

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Photography by: Richard Monsieurs

Makeup by: Juliette den Ouden

Wardrobe by: Dair by Odair Pereira 

Monday, February 17, 2014