Amazing Hi-Tech Beauty Items You Need to Know About


11 Jan Amazing Hi-Tech Beauty Items You Need to Know About

I grew up in a family where technology was always the best. Best gifts, best movie choices,  & just the best conversation starters. In the land of hover boards (okay- they aren’t really hover boards! Just Saying!) & various other seriously cool technical advances, I wanted to check out some of the best of the best! over the past year I’ve gathered up some fun new favorites & figured it was time to sweep them into a post & share!


This flat iron is FANTASTIC & GLITTERY! The CHI ULTRA Glitter Sweet is a 1″ iron & has tourmaline ceramic plates. It heats evenly & the ceramic heat produces infrared & negative ions. After using it my hair is super shiny & actually helps with my hair not getting all static. If I were a professional hair stylist I’d pick this up ASAP because…I mean what client wouldn’t wan to come back for more &who could forget a glitter iron? I use it at home obviously & it just feels special. I smile every time I see it sitting there calling my name. This particular color is only available at ULTA so be sure to scoop it up while you can!

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